Professional Development Meetings (PDMs)

Note: not all speakers have provided us with presentations

March 2021 – The Power of Customer Satisfaction Sensitivity Analysis

Speakers: Jeff Biegel and Jamie Everhardt

February 2021 – Lifelong Learning for Lifetime Success!

Speaker: Michael D. Ford, M.S.I.S.E., CFPIM , CSCP, CLTD, CSSGB,

February 2021 – Has the Analytics Wave Changed How We “Do” Quality?

Speaker: Dave Northcutt, CQE, CAP

January 2021 – Three Quick Hitters for Improving Your LinkedIn® Profile

Speaker: John Capron, CPIM

June 2020 – Has the Analytics Wave Changed How We “Do” Quality?

Speaker: Dave Northcutt, CQE, CAP

April 2020 – What Inquiring Management Minds Need to Know 

Handout: Social Engineering Red Flags

Speaker: Tom Myers

November 2019 – Achieving Quality Improvement with Other Cultures 

Speaker: Mark Hehl

October 2019 – My Analytics Journey to Data Science in a Nutshell 

Speaker: Renee Sweikert

September 2019 – The Basics of Root Cause Analysis 

Speaker: Alan Piciacchio

May 2019 – Why Go ISO? Peak Performance and Continuous Improvement Strategies 

Speaker: Alex Kwartiroff

April 2019 – My IBM Corporate Service Corps Assignment in Australia 

Speaker: Steve Mazzuca

September 2018 – Total Productive Maintenance at the USPS

Speaker: Robert A. Carney, Master Black Belt

May 2018 – The Flaw of Averages

Speaker: Dave Northcutt, CQE, CAP

March 2018 – An Analytics Based Problem Management System

Speaker: Steve Mazzuca

February 2018 – Robotic Automation

Speaker: Christopher Urbane, CSCP, LSSGB

November 2017 – Present for Impact

Speaker: Steve Mazzuca

September 2017 – Top Management’s Leadership Role in a Planned Management Review

Speaker: Donald M. Costello

 May 2017 – Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Speaker: Glenn Tanzman

April 2017 – LSI Factory Tour

Summary created by: Steve Mazzuca

May 2016 – Improve Your Business with Designed Experiments

Speaker: Dave Northcutt, CQE, CAP

October 2015 – Process Behavior Analysis: Understanding Variation

Speaker: Steve Mazzuca

January 2009 – Theory of Constraints Scheduling

Speaker: Glen Tanzman