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The North East Quality Council (NEQC) is a grouping of more than twenty Sections of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), located in the North East.  The Mid-Hudson Section is a member of the NEQC.

The American Society for Quality maintains an extensive list of quality resources.

SPC Press Reading Room is a collection of free articles on Statistical Process Control and other quality topics by Dr. Donald J. Wheeler, ASQ Fellow, and other authors.

Dr. Sophronia Ward’s articles in Quality Magazine.  Dr. Ward is a continual improvement specialist and Six Sigma Senior Master Black Belt and Coach.  Dr. Ward originally created the term “Process Behavior Charts” as a more accurate representation of Shewhart’s Statistical Process Control terminology.

The Elsmar Cove Discussion Forums contain a large selection of discussion threads on various Quality and Business topics.

The Automotive Industry Action Group’s Core Tools site contains valuable information on a number of standard quality tools and processes used in the automotive industry.  These tools often have broader applicability in other industries.

The Deming Institute honors the legacy of Dr. Deming by bringing his teachings to life today and for the future.

The Juran Institute exists to give every organization the opportunity to achieve its full potential by focusing on their people.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) often has quality-related articles in their newsroom.

DiscoverE promotes engineering education and careers among K-12 students.  They are the sponsor of National Engineers Week, of which ASQ Section #302 is a supporter.

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